Gregory Dickow

Don't Do what FEELS Good - Do What PRODUCES Good
Gregory Dickow

When people just do what feels good, it often ends in pain and destruction.Our emotions do not make good companions. We have to fall out of love with our feelings, and learn to DO GOOD instead of trying to FEEL GOOD.

God gave me four reasons WHY YOU NEED TO FALL OUT OF LOVE WITH YOUR FEELINGS that I want to share with you...

1.YOUR FEELINGS ARE SCHIZOPHRENIC.Your feelings convince you of things that are not true. They have multiple personalities that change all the time.

2.YOUR FEELINGS ARE UNFAITHFUL.Your feelings only care about themselves - not about you. They lure you in and coax you to get angry; convince you to be afraid; and entice you to feel lust ... and as soon as they take control, you think it is going to feel good - but somehow you always get hurt.
3.YOUR FEELINGS DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR FUTURE.They only care about the moment, so if you're not careful,your feelings will throw your future away.

4.YOUR FEELINGS LEAD YOU TO MAKE BAD DECISIONS.Too often people make emotional decisions just like Cain, who in his anger, rose up against his brother and killed him.Bad decision.

Don't let your feelings control your life! Love truth more than your feelings ... Love people more than your feelings ... Love your future more than your feelings ... Love God more than your feelings!

When you realize that you are in love with the wrong things, you need to do something about it... you stop paying attention to them, you stop listening to them, you stop letting them influence your decisions, you stop spending time with them, you stop respecting them, you stop focusing on their good. Anger is not your friend. Jealousy is not your friend. You should not marry depression and you should not marry fear! Don't fall in love with that feeling of revenge.

Just stop and take a look at how those feelings are treating you!Look at how they produce bad relationships! God wants you to fall out of love with these feelings .