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Lessons 1 - 7 are basic fundamentals for beginners. Lessons to follow are more advanced for those who have already acquired knowledge in major and minor scales, chord inversions, upper structure chords, scale degrees and tri-tones.

The practice of scales cannot be over-stressed. They are mandatory for building chords, melodies and improvisations.

Scales are to music what alphabets are to words. The better your understanding of words, the better you can communicate.

What is a scale? A scale is a series of tones going up and coming down consisting of whole steps and half steps. (How to Play Traditional & Contemporary Gospel -Book I page 3-4)

Lesson 3 Chord Inversions
A song consists of chord inversions keeping the melody on the top of the chord so that the melody isn't compromised. This is called "voicing" chords properly.
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